111 whitehall road terenure/kimmage

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3082041

Any thoughts on this ?, its a lot of square footage for what was originally a small house. I looked at another one on Whitehall a few months ago for 750 as well but it was not in as good shape. There are two for sale in the 600s on the road as well.

Is the road very busy?, not sure about the area - is this really terenure or is it wishful thinking on part of EA.

I certainly wouldn’t describe that as Terenure. Looks nice on the inside though, pretty much the epitome of turnkey condition.

Map doesn’t seem to line up with where the house actually is, but I’d suggest those roads will all be fairly busy around rush hour. Haven’t been up there at those times in a good while though, so perhaps someone else who commutes that way can chime in.

Technically Terenure, busy road.

750k is ambitious considering Chimewood further up the road at 750k also has been on the market for some time now
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2926644

You’d really have to share the same taste as the vendor to be willing to pay this much for their choices. Personally, I’d need to rip it all out and start over.

Directly opposite entrance to a traveller site. A lot of houses on this road for sale and all look overpriced by 100k. Busy road three quarterscof a million is mad money for any house on the road in my opinion. Lowes seem to have market cornered locally

A Halting site? Where?

Straight across the road. Directly opposite the gate. Not a halting site,but settled itinerant houses maybe 10 or 12 there. A horse box clearly visible last saturday anyways thats the view out the front window

Ah, so the map has it down the wrong end of Whitehall Rd. It’s actually up there beside the Chimewood house, at the Perrystown end of the Rd.

Yes indeed, halting site type set-up on that end of the road on the east side. Have seen it myself

A couple of doorsvfrom the chimewood house. Hadnt noticed the map.

Interesting - have never noticed it. Then again I used to only be in that area when going to or from Carlisle gym… so I don’t think I used that road.

Looks like a fab house but the direct view across the road would really put me off to be honest.

I pass by this all the time. Nice enough road and houses at the other end of the road where selling for A LOT recently. Doesn’t seem too overpriced in relation to everything else on sale. Then again most stuff on sale has outrageous asking prices.

The horse box, a overflowing skip and dumped bicycles is still the view from the front door. It should temper the achievable price for a well finished which may or may not be to everyone’s taste.

A lot of detached houses in the area on the market. 3 others on this rd, one in glenavy park one on fortfield, another on springfield. Almost all 700k or over, hard to see purchasers for all at amv given obvious concerns with most of them be it neighbourhood view or BER

all 100k too dear to my eyes minimum

Apparently bid of asking (750k) on this but the Vendors want more! So it’ll probably be going for an umpteenth viewing next Saturday to try and achieve that goal

Shit, that’s a lot of money

With viewings started again one would have to wonder about the strength of any alleged 750k bid. Its a lot of dosh for that permanent frontal view

I see it’s on view again tomorrow…has the 750k bid gone away!

Was there ever a bid I wonder ?? 3rd set of viewings…

Not on view this weekend, although bank hol doesn’t tell you much. I wonder what current bids (if any) have it at?

Other house across the road in 33 Priory Way that was for sale is sold I see. There was a poster here interested in it a few weeks back.

Also, good few in Wainsfort for sale.