12 Brighton Hall, Brighton Road, Foxrock (-750k, -33.3%)

Was 2.25m
property-vultures.com/counti … lin18.html

Then 1.9m

Now 1.5m
2,519 Sq. Feet, €595/sq foot! :open_mouth:

As seen on the “Wrost value house in Ireland” thread

They may have dropped the price but it’s still hard to understand what’s going through their heads. This is for sale in the same estate:

More than 80% of the size for little more than 50% of the price, same location. Okay hairsplitting says the dearer one is closer to Brighton Road, is maybe nicer looking, etc - but a 700k+ price difference?

Delusional. Will only get half of that.

While I agree with you on the craziness of the vast price difference between the two, Brighton Hall is in a different estate to Brighton Place. It’s a much smaller, more “exclusive” development of similar sized houses, just up the road from Brighton Place, towards Foxrock Village. If memory serves it might even be gated…

I stand corrected, they are separate estates, and you’re right that Brighton Hall is gated.

But as both are estates of large detached houses with entrances less than 100m apart on Brighton Road (which is the address that the residents of both REALLY aspire to have) it’s hard to see that one is worth double the price of the other - more EA/vendor self-delusion in my book. They’re effectively saying “my Brighton-Road-soundalike is considerably better than thy Brighton-Road-soundalike.”


Agree with your point on the vast price difference and again, don’t mean to be picky but Brighton Hall is a much quieter, much smaller development than Brighton Place and the other roads in this quite busy estate. Plus there are semis and even some terraces in the latter, whereas Brighton Hall is, I think, all large detached houses (only about ten of them compared to around 100 in the other estate) You should be able to see the semis and terraces in this google link.

maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=53.2 … 02,0,7.38

Number 20 Brighton Hall (5 bed detached) is now on the market, asking €875k:

€365 per square foot.

Contrast this with no.12 (4 bed detached) still asking €1.5 million, or €601 per square foot.

Savills have a sale agreed sign at entrance to Brighton Hall, assume its for no.20!