12 Gulistan Terrace, Dublin 6


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I’ve read on another thread about Gulistan not being a particularly nice part of Rathmines due to noise, traffic, recycling centre problems, difficult neighbours, etc. What do people think about this property? Price seems to be 60% or so less than a few years ago.


If you click on Street view, pan left and go up that road 1 click you’ll see the Rathmines waste treatment facility is right there only a few hundred feet away from the house. It’s not a full-on dump, but it’s a bit nasty to have there beside you.

That said, this is probably the best portion of road in Gullistan, given it is actually off Mt. Pleasant Road and the redbrick is really nice. House needs quite a few quid spent on modernising.

Tough one to call to be honest.


If you could get it for a decent price Id say why not. Is Gulistan full of knackers or something?


What’s a decent price? 300,000 - 350,000 area seems about right but that is still a long way from asking price. What are buyers offering these days? 90% of purchase price or less?


Not a price drop… moving to “Sell, Buy or Rent?” forum.


The recycling facility isn’t the problem per se. Rather, it’s the continuous traffic of cars visiting it and the corpo trucks/vans going in and out that would annoy you. Small roads, so expect scratches on car doors and wingmirrors knocked. The ‘dump’ itself is very un-dump-y.


Thanks, spudnick. Nice garden though. What do you think might be a fair price to offer?


As spudnik said, it’s the traffic that’s the issue, not the recycling. The cottages are difficult to navigate further up as the roads are very narrow, but that bit of the road is fine IIRC. It’s a shortcut for people walking so could be a little noisy at times, but what area of Dublin isn’t? Personally I think it looks good and I wouldn’t mind living there myself. Great to have a decent garden in that area too.


Not a scoobie. I just visit the dump!


I visit the bring centre reguarly.
The house has north facing garden.
Back about 2003-2004, one of the houses on that side of road was asking €380k, probably went for more. I think it was no11, but not sure.


podge, I’d find 380k hard to believe for 2003. Could it possibly have been one of the smaller houses close by? These larger houses in Gulistan were over 1 million by 2006.


Not the ones with north facing gardens, right hand side of road as you go into bring centre.

I remember it clearly, as I was maybe in a position to buy about 12-18 months later and thought that I had missed the boat on that house, (as I like general area) and that another house in that area would not come back into my price range.
Never went to viewing, but definitely asking €380k which was a stamp duty threshold amount at that time but probably went for more.

Luckily I never bought a house, every cloud …


It’s some garden alright - with that length I would have thought that the north facing aspect would not be such a disadvantage.
If only I could find that cracking post on the Pin during 2010 by a bored engineer who gave all the necessary calculations one needs to work out the precise effect certain sized houses have on north facing gardens!


Issue with Gulistan and the dump is the constant bin lorry traffic from early morning. As someone said the road is very narrow. The bin lorries start from about 6am. I used to live on Mountpleasant Avenue - back from the road a little - and it took ages to get used to the noise. I imagine its going to be a lot worse on Gulistan. Some of the corpo lorry drivers were pig ignorant as well - happy to block the road and then persistently hit the horn. At the weekends you have a lot of people visiting the bring centre - so traffic again - but not probably a big issue.


That kitchen extension doesn’t look in great shape, advert seems to suggest it might need knocking/rebuilding.


I’m pretty sure podge is right about the 2002 price. A friend of a friend bought there at about that time and from what I recall the asking was around the 381K stamp duty threshold or whatever the threshold was at the time.


I looked at number 13 (I think) in November 2004 and I think it sold around the 500k mark. It was very run down, executor sale. Great garden though.

Some obscure north side agent was selling it, I can’t remember the name.


So 450k is really only at 2004 levels then. Should be a bit more to drop in that case!




I’m thinking of offering somewhere in the late 300’s for this. What does anyone think?