12 Herbert Avenue, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Dont know if anyone has seen this yet

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2166673

Priced at the max (and buyond) at 500 sq ft (you can buy on Ailesbury Road for that)

Does have a south west facing garden but location or structure is not Waltham Terrace standard (agent is benchmarking against)

21 Herbert Avenue sold for 500k in Sept 2001

Hard to see it getting over 1.2m (unless foreign - there have been a few such deals in the D4 area but they are looking for trophies)

This could be on myhome for a long time

Oh dear - way overpriced

Drove into the Herbert Avenue on way in from Blackrock to see No 12.

10 and 12 are two nice red brick semi-d on a road of appartments, bungalows and some other slightly period houses (i.e. this is not a road that people will aispire to be on).

Can also see from the outside that No 12 has been tidyied up but not properly re-furbished (old windows etc.)

It is benchmarked to be 16 Waltham Terrace (500 sq ft at auction) however, Waltham Terrace is a highly desired road, the house was in excellent condition (nearly new) - i.e. it was a property that you see somone just wanting.

I would be surprised if this gets over 1.2m and is probably more priced around the 1.1m (380 sq ft) which it probably deserves given its decent back garden

Similar strategy to 55 Merrion Road - try to lay down a big price and get 90% of it.

In this case - as with 55 Merrion Road - the net price will be a much bigger discount

Way overpriced and in the wrong forum.

This one has been up for a while, it’s problem is that I is massively overlooked and dominated by St Vincent’s Private Hospital, the photos carefully exclude this but you can just see it in the First pic.

You can see this quite clearly on the google earth pic (can’t work out how to post a link from my phone)

I would never live in this house for that reason.

I think that’s the development at the old blind asylum on Merrion road. SVPH is up further on Herbert Ave and to the west. Streetview gives the overlook very well.

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Just dropped the price by 50k today - still an hilarious price (even in this market) 8DD