12 Herbert Park, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Buy it for €3,500,000

Or rent it for €10,000 (3.4% yield)

Personally don’t think its worth even near €10k a month, compared to the competition, but people are crazy when it comes to houses on Herbert Park.


do you know anything about the first house on the road; right beside the Park on the southside - one of the most beautiful houses in Dublin IMHO. The stonework is just class

Totally agree.
I think it was a show house for an international fair in Herbert park end of 19 century.

My (educated ?) guess stands at €2.35m.

I’d say 2.65m

Inside that corner house (not #12) it is badly cared for and rotting away with damp – walls could buckle it is so bad. A real shame for an historic house. A lovely exterior still.

You are mistaken, Milverton is in good nick. Must be a different house.


I’m guessing that it’s this one that you mean. Such a beautiful house. The grand piano that could be seen through the window as I shuffled past only added to my jealousy. Delightful.

Milverton is a total mess inside with widespread damp and near collapse of parts of it.

Garrett Kelleher - Shelbourne Developments, Chicago Spire etc - lives in 32 Herbert Park - which is next door I think

At the moment


chicago.blockshopper.com/propert … 6_n_astor/
chicago.curbed.com/archives/2011 … t-home.php

looks alright to me!

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2223342

For once this line is not complete horseshit!

IMO this will go over the asking price.

Especially when compared to the recent sale on Argyle Road at €3.05m.

There are some damp problems with the house but nothing major.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I believe that the south facing garden is ended by a large gable end of another house (unlike other Herbert park houses) - making it feel like a north facing garden.

I think that offers in the mid to upper 2 will be considered?

Little chance of getting over 3 in my view.

Just got a DAFT email alert to say it was back on the market at 3.5m, but has now disappeared from the DAFT site.