12 Longford House, IFSC, Dublin 1 (-60k, -11%)

Was 550k then 525k


Now 500k


Now 490k

ok, i haven’t been down this part of town in a good while.

Since when have there been yachts docked outside the IFSC unless the Sherriff st boys own them? :laughing:

You do get the occasional yacht beside the Dockside Authority offices … but not many :laughing:

I know a guy who was paid by a property development company to sail his yacht (a modest craft of the 1720 variety) for a whole week around the area where the Liffey meets the grand canal. He’d get the EAs ringing him to say that “I’ll be there in 10 minutes, make sure you’re close to the building” – I kid you not. This was in the summer of 2006.