12 Prince Edward Terrace, Blackrock

Any thoughts on the property 12 Prince Edward Terrace , Blackrock?

Is it good value for money ?

Does anyone know if the area is desirable?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1852841

Nice house, nice area, good value for what you are getting.

However you will probably need an additional €400k+ for refurb

Strange post for a first post. At least say hello.

Nice house, nice area, but over €3,000 sq m.

And no, the op couldn’t have any interest in the sale of the property.

It went way over the asking price (900k +), not good value for money when you know that number 10 went for less that 700k a year ago. looks like there is micro bubble in good area of dublin but can it last, a double dip is coming as usual before recovery.

Lady S - are you sure on that price? I think you are adding the price of the house plus the price of the separate mews sites.
I think the house went for 725k
The 4 mews sites sold to the same buyer at 250k
I guess the buyer didn’t want anyone building at the back of them

So 725k is not a huge price considering the house in question and it is about the same price as No 10 which sold last year. So no bubble.

From the above it appears that prices for large houses in Blackrock have not dropped in the last year.

Both the house and the sites are still for sale on myhome?

Still, I confirm 900+ for 12 prince edward without the site at the back, Myhome is not up to date.
Beaumont Cottage, green road sold for €880k on auction where AMV was 750k and for me it was worth 650k.
Laragh, 21 st thomas road, mount merrion went for 670k on auction, AMV 500k, it was a site with an old bungalow falling down.

micro bubble in some area for sure!

It is sale agreed for 900,000+ that is a jump from 700,000+ for the exact same house just before Christmas.
That’s an increase of 29% in six months, christ.

I think Beaumont Cottage had some unusual neighbours bidding for it who really wanted it.

Laragh… that is a steep price. 670k for the house and add in another 150k to refurb and extend and you are all in at 820,000. Would seem a high price to me.

This stuff is madness but there is no denying it that there is a squeeze on SCD property. I don’t think its self sustaining but the days of being able to bid on houses without company are gone for awhile I expect.

Went to view this site and ran asap because of the harrassment by elderly people on bench passing comments. Similiar to why guy in no. 26 Brookfield tce couldn’t sell house in a word terrifying recorded here under 26 Brookfield tce take a look.

Estate agent rang me site not sale agreed offer not accepted.