12 Sandymount green, D4

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2889757

What an interesting house, castellated looking house right on the green in Sandymount village. Despite its weird shape it has a great layout IMO, condition of the house seems to vary a lot which is odd, some rooms look to be in good condition while others look terrible. Has a great garden and location but one of the drawbacks is that one of the main rooms has a window right on the street which loses privacy and that lean to extension to the side is ugly. Has great potential tho, but at €1.2m it would want to have.

That €1.2m asking price is going to be blown out of the water IMO. What in Sandymount is trading for under €500/sqft? This is asking well under that and has a 150ft S facing garden to boot.

I’d be surprised if that doesn’t make 1.6 tbh

A weird thing happened to this property this morning. The EA upped the price by 450K and it then went sale agreed. Is this an attempt by the EA to advertise the fact that they sold for higher than the asking price?

This went sale agreed months ago - weird

Hmm on Sherry Fitz website its back for sale

my sense is that the sale fell through - not sure but I think from memory the asking is what it went sale agreed for in the way more vendor friendly market of last year

The Sale Agreed sign was up for months and months.
Has it now gone up for sale again at a higher asking, or the same asking?

Bizarre. Upped the price and sale agreed, or left sale agreed, on MyHome and advertised for sale on their own website at €1.65m. Given how long it has been since this was on the market, it would seem as though the sale has fallen through and they are advertising it for sale again at a more realistic opening price (or the price at which they sale agreed last time). It was definitely underpriced last time around so wouldn’t be surprising if it had been bid up to that level. Will have to wait and see if they change the status on MyHome or whether this was simply done to alter statistics by bringing a big price bump for Daft’s statistics, to balance out the big drops at the moment, before the sale goes through the register.

The €1.5m-€2.5m market seems extremely slow at the moment, lots of houses not getting any bids at all and some of those with bids have bids of 10%-20% under asking with asking prices not totally out of whack with last years’. The top end (€2.5m+) seems to be nothing more than a list of houses stagnating on the market for months and years, with very little shifting. Last thing I can remember shifting quickly, like SCD-semi quickly, was Killiney House which sold rather swiftly after say a month or two, but not in the register yet. Admittedly there has been two big ticket sales recently (€5m+), both with top addresses and gardens, but even they were on the market the best part of a year each. Anything that doesn’t tick the right boxes in terms of house quality, garden size, orientation and address (or mix of these) isn’t shifting and it is very slow out there.

The complete dearth of properties 1mm plus being auctioned speaks volumes

Given we are now mid -March - it looks like as quiet an auction spring season as 2011or 12

Sold on 28-8-15 for €1.675m

God call €475k (nearly 40%) more than asking.

Was just thinking about this one again today - this house, Castleville, was bought in 2007 as a BTL for €2.25m by the owner of nearby 81 Park Avenue (which was for sale for €4m earlier this year), who subsequently tried to let it out at €6,000 per month. He also happened to own nearby 78 & 80 Merrion Road, which sold last year for a few million. Also owned 3 Farney Park, Sandymount, which was for sale earlier this year for €725k. Those four properties alone will bring in well over €10m once/if their sales process (I don’t see Farney or Park Ave in the PPR yet). Who knows what other properties were owned - there could be any number of apartments, smaller houses, etc. in D4 that are impossible to identify as him being associated with from the usual searches. There was a big judgement (8 figures) against him in the papers in 2013 so I guess all of these are part of a mass sell-off.

We often talk on here about nothing being taken off the indebted, but this is one example of properties being sold off quietly, including the family home, on the back of judgements against the owner. In fact I think this happens more often than most people think, however it wouldn’t end up in cases where ex-millionaires end up homeless, usually they would just settle on keeping one of their less valuable properties with a debt write-off and walking away from the other properties and their associated debts - however I obviously have no idea what the story is with this guy’s case.