12 Victoria Avenue, Donnybrook (-100K / -7.7%)

Was 1.275 Mil

Now 1.2

myhome.ie/residential/search … QFDK348443

Lot of competition in the neighborhood. There is a house right across the street for sale, although it is no longer on my home and a bigger semi d right down the road for 1.395. Nice basic house, on street parking only. I am guessing this still has plenty to fall!

Not too surprised to see this reduction. Decent house and great location, but parking even one car is inconvenient there. Slightly smaller, fully refurbished terraced houses near Rathgar village are going for less than 1m at the moment, so perhaps a larger drop may be required.

I can never understand how people can pay this sort of money for a house with no off-street parking. I’ve always found it tight getting parking around this area - and it’s only ever going to get worse. The hassle factor of driving around looking for a spot would surely take the sheen off your trophy house quite quickly?

Was previopsly 1.3mill
tribune.ie/article/2008/mar … -the-move/

No. 1 has dropped from 1150k to 995k