12 Watermeadow Park, Oldbawn (-185k, -32%)

Was 580,000 … d=10&gl=ie

Now 540,000


Houses prices are being deliberatly put high in case they are any suckers that will buy it at that price. If no biters after a month or so, it’s reduced to the ‘real’ price or close to it and then everyone thinks they’re getting a real bargain.

“Ouh! A €580,000 house reduced to €540,000! Look at me everyone! Amn’t I so clever!”

The oldest trick in the book, people.

To suggest that this is all that’s going is quite simply wrong. But let’s wait and see shall we?

We shall.

However I’m just making people aware that every price drop is not necessarily a “real” drop in price - just a trick by savvy marketing EAs.

Now 499,500


Yep just another part of the same trick - don’t be fooled folks :wink:

Still on the market. How long has it been now?
Very Savy marketing indeed.

I hope the EA is getting will paid for the blinder they’re playing.


Now 485k

Or rent for 1600 (4% gross tield on 435k)
daft.ie/searchrental.daft?se … d=558116&s[agent_id]=874&s[p]=rprrxvss

This was off the market for ages, now it’s back.



This represents a 32% reduction from the original 580k asking price.

They’ve put the price up to €470K now.


“You are now leaving reality…”

try to confine further remarks to price changes or sales status of the property