120 Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3 (-120k, -20%)

Was 600k
treesdontgrowtothesky.com/dngpri … .07.08.php

Now 480k
dng.ie/search_detailed_resul … D=10011387

This one must be opposite, though the postcodes are different.
Looks like a race to the bottom.


dng.ie/search_detailed_resul … D=10011387

Sale agreed now.
The couple of others on the road looking for close to 700k will be waiting a while.

For what it’s worth… by my rough calculations, as DNG do not have total sq footage, and they seem to have missed out dimensions on 1 bathroom and one landing, if one takes the last quoted price as €395k (only says “sale agreed” on page) and the square footage as 1,108 approx, gives a price per sq ft as €356.

It would IMO be helpful and interesting to include the price per sq ft in the title where possible. Or per sq m if preferred :slight_smile: