120 Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh - soon to be sale agreed?


Went to see this today. Great gaff - plenty of space, great layout, good condition, south west facing garden. Lots of people viewing here again (as per grove avenue post). Only drawback is quite busy road and of course the price. But they have an offer of 675k apparently. It can be deduced that a good size family home in good nick draws the crowds and the cheque book it seems - because there are just not that many on offer.

Reckon it will be sale agreed within 2 weeks

Whenever I look at a house in Dublin, I have one golden rule… Don’t believe a word the estate agents say as i reckon that the majority of them are liars making up phantom bids. I saw one in Dublin not so long ago…asking was €1m. Estate agent told me offer of €850k, then it was €875k, then €925k… You can see where I am going here… 4 months on and it’s still for sale. Why would any believe anything an estate agent says when we all know that the majority of them working today are the same muppets spinning lies and making up bids back in 2007? XX

Come up with a price that works for you and ignore the bullshit… Talk is cheap…houses in Ireland are far from cheap, given all that has happened. The same old tricks are still being used.The sooner we see the house price database, the sooner these guys will no longer be needed. Keep the faith!


Ordinarily I would agree. But EA was not particularly arsed in even gauging interest in the house. In fact he was more interested in pushing two other similar upcoming properties that are about to come on the market in the next few weeks. That’s not to say that he was not still lying about the price. It would suit me to think so. But sadly not everyone out there bidding on houses reads the pin.

One question… Is this house being shown by one rather large EA from Youngs in Ranelagh if so then you can take THAT €675 bid with a VERY large pinch of salt!!! :angry: ( of course it might NOT have been him, but you seem to be describing on particular viewing I had with said EA three years back where a particular house was asking €1.35K. Said EA sat sprawled on the sofa & told me it had an offer of €1.45K which would most likely be accepted that week… It didn’t and HE rang me back some 6 months later telling me they were dropping the price to €1million and was I still interested?? ( I wasn’t ) The sellers changed to SherryFItz and sold 8 months later for closer to 800K… Pinch of salt! :angry:
From my dealings and viewings over the past three years,The reason sellers seem to choose Youngs is because they vastly overprice the property in comparison to any of the other EAs working locally! Once on their books most properties will languish there unsold until both buyers and sellers lose interest!
That said, fine house albeit it,almost directly on that busy road with awkward driveway to manoeuvre!!

Same guy told me months ago there was an offer on a house for 645k but they wanted over 650k.

Still on the market after 5 months :slight_smile:

Come on…

Sadly I did not really clock his size - he was sitting behind dining table and I was a little dizzy as there were so many feckers streaming through the place.



crazy price or a crazy country

the issue seems to be, even if the supposed bid is ‘phantom’, is it code for the ‘buyer will not sell for less than xxx, therefore don’t bother making a bid lower than xxx.’ And even if you do bid lower, will they pass the bid on to the vendor ( which i believe they are legally obliged to do) but i don’t know where i got this from, perhaps someone could confirm/ deny this.

I had the misfortune of meeting the same large character from Youngs at a couple of viewings recently in SCD. This agent had little interest in speaking to anyone not to mind actually showing people around! He was almost lying across the couch constantly on the phone. When we finally managed to get a word in, all he would say is that there was already x amount of offers above the asking price and that we would need to bid straight away if interested.

He also told us that the other Youngs houses we had viewed were sold very close to the asking price. The same houses are still for sale 2 months later on myhome… lies or just too lazy to take the ads down. Hmmm I wonder

Yip - that’s him for sure! I was so p***ed off at him I was tempted to drop a letter in the box to the owners ( which I did with a different EA who had been totally unaccommodating!) Anyway watch and wait!!! There are only so many cash buyers out there & we’re not all crazy enough to part with the cash! Unless it’s someone who absolutely loves the place, it could easily languish there for 9 + months!! I presume the vendors are savvy enough to factor that in ( even I they haven’t factored a lazy obnoxious EA into the equation!)

yeah just don’t get this EA strategy - the potential lack of sale is a lot more costly that 2% of say 60-80K on a house selling for 10 times that.

But I guess those canny EA’s know best…

I don’t know, this house seems like fairly decent value to me for the area? 43 butterfield avenue is under offer at 580k at the minute and I kind of know this for fact cos I more or less overheard the couple who made the offer (not sure if they will go through with it) and this house seems a lot more house and much better area too.

Had the other half make an anonymous enquiry if there were any offers. Up to 685 apparently… though if I were the vendor I would be going sale agreed right now if that were the case

Sale agreed.

You were wrong it took 3 weeks :slight_smile:

If the EA is as useless as everyone claims then its probably been sale agreed for a week or so but he’s only got round to putting it on myhome this week! :wink: