121 Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7

Is this part of Blackhorse Ave also a flood risk? Or is it just near no. 44?



Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what 121 will fetch at auction? No 123 sold for 220k in Sept 13
propertypriceregister.ie/we … enDocument

Bigger Garden. Looks like it needs a lot of work
cant see it being worth more than the asking price of 220k, but the madness that goes on in these these auctions, it is anyones guess.

The house is right beside McKee barracks, there is a horse jumping training ground right beside it, done know about noise or smell!

It is right across from Dunard, I remember years ago this was a dodgy area, don’t know what it s like now, originally council estate.

Anybody go to the viewing yesterday? If so was there many there? what was condition?

It was lashing rain and howling winds so people were in and out quick, hard to tell how many were there. The place has been trashed, Everything ripped out. Granite worktops in kitchen smashed, all the windows boarded up, spray paint on the cabinets. Very odd shape, small bedrooms probably the old cottage at the front and a giant sitting room, kitchen and conservatory behind. There are tenants in the yard until Dec 14. I wouldn’t be qualified to know how much work it would take but it’s a mess.