121 Parklands, Northwood, Santry (-33k, -9.4%)

Was 350,000

look half way down the page … cd=1&gl=ie

now 317,000


There are several 2 beds in the Northwood Demesne for sale on Daft. All others are ranging from 340-380k. This is obviously a breakout move by the seller, who has decided to get rid of quick and take the pain.

Must be a psychological blow for the other 2 bed sellers though

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These residents wont be too happy then! Someone register and tell them of the price falls!

That’s interesting they admit there are lots of empty flats, must be lots of buy to let, without the let. I think there are at least 2 more developments to be released

Carrington where 2 beds start at 360,000
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … D=upppppss

and Heywood where 2 beds start at 375,000
propertynews.com/development … =264&r=&a=

They say there are lots of empty properties out there but they didn’t say that was in northwood. It does seem a nice area but there are a lot of apartments out there!

You’re right. I didn’t read that carefully enough. It is a nice area, although I thought that for the amount of space they have they could have built the apartments a bit bigger.