121A Butterfireld Park, Rathfarnham (-150k, -10%)

Was 1,500,000


Now 1,350,000


Does not compute.

I know this area well, and this is a pretty sought-after road.

But even allowing for that, this is still as self-delusional an asking price as I’ve ever seen. They wouldn’t have gotten this money in Summer '06, never mind Summer '08 - they will do very well to get €1m for it. And there are many, many prettier houses in the Butterfield Av. area than this.

We’ll be seeing this thread updated many times before the place sells. IMO, of course.

This is priced for 2 houses. The advert says FPP for another house.

I still agre though. I think the small time developers who would take this on are gone.

they could at least spell the address correctly

Ahh, yes, that makes a bit more sense. But as you say, that horse has probably bolted.

But I’m also pretty surprised there is FPP granted on such a mature, manicured, middle-class road. This really isn’t natural territory for one of those squeeze-it-in type houses you see on street corners nowadays.