123 stillorgan road




Some ugly pile, but huge. Nice garden.
Probably needs everything done, so add 250K…

Not sure how noisy is is, given next to one of the busiest roads and junctions in the area.


You’d want to highly value the location to pay that kind of money for a house like that - which is relatively shabby and would need at least €100k to bring it up to standard. If you worked in RTE/UCD/St Vincent’s and your daughter went to The Teresian School (not St Teresians!) then you might consider the downsides worth it.

I also think this market has about 10% house price falls in it…especially at this end of the price range.


A very old house, ideally should be bulldozed and replaced with a modern one.


If I had 1.3 million to drop on a house that would be an awful sad thing to come home to every day.

This is more what I’d be looking for, its not the same post code but its not a million miles away and coming home wont depress you every day! -https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/cherrywood-house-cherrywood-road-loughlinstown-dublin-18/4278655