124 Block A Smithfield Market, Dublin 7 (-180k,-20.5%)

Found using the property bee.

was ‘Region €800,000’:
Google Cache Link

now ‘Region €775,000’:


Found using the property bee again.

now Region €749,000:

Now down to Region €695,000
Overall that’s -180k and -20.5%

Initially it was 875k
05 October 2007
* Price changed: from ‘€875,000’ to ‘€800,000’

Does anyone know how much this apt cost when it was first bought?

It would be interesting to see what the mark up is since then.


sunday business post article here:
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 196669.asp

2003 prices look crazy

back to 1999 anyone?

well… I don’t think the place existed in purchasable form before 2003

Down to 675k now
-200k, -23% in total