128 Lakelands Close, Stillorgan (-300k, -36%)

Was 830k


Now 750k


Now 530k


5/6 bed semi (one bedroom in attic)

1999 sq ft - 265/sq ft

‘relative’ value - I doubt there are too many people out there needing 6 bedrooms

Does this back on to the Luas and the new road being constructed? If so that might explain the drop in price.

If there were access out to the Luas track it would be a nice house in a mature estate in a good area with extremely easy access to shops, schools and town.

One wonders what will become of all those aparments in the Industrial Estate though.

Negative Covenant - what new road ?

I’ve seen one house (don’t think it’s this one) in Lakelands advertised as having rear gate access to Luas; not sure if it’s common.

It doesn’t back onto the luas line - it backs onto a small green area in the middle of that estate - there is a group of 5 houses like this (including 128D which was built on the corner lot of this house.) The luas is however right there beside the estate - but not sure how you get to it from this house - looks like you have to come all the way out Stillorgan Wood and back around (maybe there is a laneway somewhere that you can’t see on bing.)

Number 115 has “gated rear access” to the Luas

myhome.ie/residential/search … LPIV405472

There is a big long wall at the south side of Lakelands, I presume that means that 115 has a magic private door through the wall. I believe the resident’s committee made noises about an access route to the Luas but don’t think there is one as of now. Someone with local knowledge may tell us more.

Might be a case of ‘I built a house in my garden, now I just want out of here’

128 D, Lakelands Close, Stillorgan is for sale on myhome. Personally, I detest the practice of throwing up a cramped money maker in the garden and ending up with two houses, half a garden each and comprimised privacy, access and whatever else.

Seems as though backing onto the luas is not the issue

There is a side laneway near 128 which leads to Stillorgan Wood. Would take about 8 minutes to walk to Stillorgan Luas stop.

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