129 Sarsfield Road, Kilmainham (-500, -17%)




Interesting one! Was/is owned by the nuns who owned the land on which Seven Oaks apartment complex was built on - you can see some of the apartments in the garden photo. Why does it all seem so strangely proportioned you may ask? Well, the reason being it was up until a few years ago used as a creche, there were plans to turn it into a community drop-in center but these obviously fell through.

As for ‘Kilmainham’ it’s maybe in the greater Kilmainham area but you have to pass by a ‘welcome to Ballyfermot’ sign and a good chunk of Inchicore before you hit Kilmainham proper. Good luck evicting the kids who have taken over the outdoor area as their personal playground and even better luck with the anti-social neighbours/(subhuman scum) who live above and drove the other residents crazy with their mid-week late night parties/shouting/ frequent ‘visitors’/blaring car horns at all hours, etc. They were an utter nightmare.

I rented in Seven Oaks briefly and there’s some really lovely people there who did great work trying to make it the best it could be (the landscaping won awards for example) but were constantly fighting a losing battle against the few putrid bad eggs who ruined it for everyone else. Then there were the people who came in from the outside…

On the plus side ‘3 mins to Heuston Station’ ? Maybe in an F1 car with zero traffic and ignoring the lights! :laughing:

Renter beware!