13 Ardagh Avenue, Blackrock

Was €425,000 now dropped down to €395,000

3 bed 2 bath dormer style bungalow


Looks like the sold most of the garden to build the house next door.

Well at least they’re not the “A”. 8)

I’ve always liked it around Ardagh. If the vendors are willing to take a reasonable offer I can see this shifting quickly.
The garden is poky but has a perfect aspect (not to mention grass - a rare commodity in small gardens) and there is a large green area 50 yards away.

However similar to this one, the elephant in the room is that the second and third bedrooms are on the ground floor. Far from ideal for young families. It might not be a huge issue to remodel the top floor adding on a bedroom or two. There are other dormers around Ardagh with 3 and 4 beds up top.

Please include links for all prices claimed, e.g. for 425k.
irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … ite=myhome
Thanks! :smiley:

Sorry Ill remember that for next time


I see this place is also for rent.
Looking at other places, €1,500 seems quite reasonable, though the bedroom situation might put some family renters off.

Given it’s a 1 yr lease being advertised I guess it’s being taken off the market once let.