13 Beech Hill Terrace, Donnybrook -130k (~19.3%)

Was 635:

Now 590:


Only € 590K!! F**k that’s a bargain!

Wonder if the Samurai swords are included … pyscho!!

Actually went to see that house a few weeks ago and it had been dropped to 635k from its original price which I think was 675k. So overall that’s a huge drop.

Play nicely wibble.

Yep - sorry. Wasn’t intended to be insulting - more of a joke … but clearly didn’t come across that way. Apologies …

This went off MyHome sale agreed a while ago, obviously fell through as back on the market now at 545k - that’s a 130k drop from the original price of 675k.


Lived in a terraced house before…never again.