13 beechgrove booterstown

castle seems to be remarketing this property which appears as sale agreed…also price in my home was 199,000 initially and then castle increased it to 225,000 - any thoughts?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ty/2616680

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ty/2435440

Dunno, but I’d be wondering about this: 115 SQ M

It only has PP to bring it up to 115 sq m

Cheers, just scanned the links.

Yeah, some shenanigans going on yesterday regarding the Daft/MyHome ads for this property.

The email alerts from both websites in my Inbox shows that it was originally posted on both Daft and MyHome on 5th April last by Wilson Moore at 224,950.

Then yesterday morning, I got an alert that their MyHome ad had had a price reduction of 25k to 199,950. But when I clicked on the link it actually showed Sale Agreed although the Mortgage Calculator on the page does reflect the price reduction. Their Daft ad also now shows 199,950 and Sale Agreed while property indicates that that update was indeed made yesterday.

Then a short time later yesterday new alerts for new ads on both Daft and MyHome appear for the same house from Castle Estates (Northside), back at 224,950 with an open viewings on Friday evening and Saturday morning.


As to the house itself, it has got to be one of the quirkiest site layouts that I’ve ever seen with the relatively large “back” garden accessed via a passage way that runs behind your neighbours house. I kinda like it. The house for which planning permission is granted looks make good use of a constrained site though I find the manhole sitting in its own mini-patio above floor level somewhat ominous. Location is excellent and the cul-de-sac is very attractive visually, at the expense of practicality regarding access which is obviously an issue both regarding parking and construction work. Unless you got temporary access through the (school?) car park from the rear, the access issue could make the build very expensive. As it is 225k plus build costs puts it out of my budget. Don’t know if you could do something more modest with it. I presume the current interior condition is rubbish as there are no interior pictures on any of the ads.

I may trundle along to the viewing just for the entertainment of finding out the story regarding the ads!

thank you everyone - very helpful

WTF x2:

Another ad just popped up on Daft with a third EA (Molloy) @ 200k:
(Well, house no. is not mentioned here but assuming from location/description its the same place).

I know someone who lives on Beech Grove, they really like it. They completely refurbished their house, it took several months and that included an extension and entire remodel of the interior. The lane itself is quite quiet as you’d imagine which is nice. I gathere there is a good community spirit on the lane too.