13 Cregaun, Ennis, Co. Clare (-110k) -29.3%

was €375k … cd=1&gl=ie

now €350k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?daft … D=xputypyp

now €325

now €300k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?daft … D=xputypyp

At 300k it is starting to make sence in the current climate, still too rich for my blood though, I’d be dubious about the floor area claim, even if the figure of 1948ft2 includes the garage, it still seems a bit optimistic.

P.S. It does set a bit of a precident as regards pricing for a decent 5 bed in a decent area in Ennis town. Comparable houses around town are asking ~350k+ :unamused:

60 K up front and 1200 a month for 35 years. For a house in a housing estate in one of the most overbuilt new areas in Ennis. There is further to go and the sq footage is suspect for sure.
You can rent 3 beds for 7-800 a month. 4-5 beds am not sure.

Ennis is over built and there are a couple of hundred on the Lahinch road to sell yet.

Long term ennis is fucked. Every closure in shannon cuts deep Aer lingus just announced 300 more job cuts, dell will have a few ennis people and Shannon aerospace was a big rumour last year. Dont even mention Roche, if that ever goes close the town down. The retail sector is hamstrung by small unit sizes in town centre and an embargo on out of town shopping centres.
Most people spin into limerick for the retail therapy and just purchase grocery and essentials in ennis.

There are hundreds of estate houses like this one in ennis and nearly everyone thinks they will eventually move up to a self build in the country or a ‘trophy’ house on the shanaway road. Just wont happen.

It’s a nice house for what it is, but facing onto a public road with no privacy to the front would not appeal to me.
As with many of the medium sized houses around town, the houses are just too close to one another, with relatively small garden/driveway relative to the size of the house.

I always wondered why Ennis did not have a proper shopping centre given the size of the town :question:

Lynches (west County)had a big land bank behind their Builders office across the road from flannans. Tesco+ others were earmarked for it one time.

Lynes (Queens hotel)have the Cusack Park project in the centre of town

Another developer was shot down for a site off the new bypass (McCabes Land) because of a rare buterfly.

You work out for yourself why we have no shopping centre when the big boys have two big land banks and everybody cancels each other out.

This isn’t the board to be discussing a town on. Try “Irish Property Bubble & Burst, Pt. V Promised Land” board.


now back up to €325k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?s%5B … &id=378369

now €305k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … &id=378369

now €299k

now €280k

Now POA (code for further price drop)

Or rent for 800p/m

now €265k

Textbook case of chasing the market down. And this guy is supposed to be an auctioneer. On the plus side he must be a genuine seller!!

Finnie, are you saying that the owner of the house is an auctioneer? The price of this one may have been chasing the market down since the getgo, however it is still way ahead of the curve relative to most of the property around town. Of the 450 or so listed for sale on daft, around Ennis, there are only perahps 10 (this being one of them) that represent reasonably good value -at present, and are indicative of where the market should be now. And even they are not selling.
When I see Identical houses in the same estate with 50k+ price differetinals between them I really wonder just what the hell are people at? XX

Yup that is his own house that he is selling. The interior is not as good as the pictures would have you believe but it wouldn’t take much to clean it up. At that price it is good value considering that some people are still nearly looking for that for a semi-detached. The only reason that most people are not dropping their prices is that if you drop too many times, potential buyers will think that you are desperate and will still low ball what may be a realistic price. I looked at a house last year that started at nearly €700k which was probably about €50k more that it was worth in the peak. It has been dropped to just over €600k and the auctioneer rang me to say that they would take €480K. But if it was advertised at €480k you would probably have some one offer only €400k -€450K, that is assuming that it gets an offer. There are some houses at the moment that you could not give away

Sale Agreed 29th October

In the absence of a register of sale prices this information is practically meaningless. Could have sold for anywhere between asking and 100K less.

EAs trumpet an increase in house sales. The recovery has started.