13 Drummartin Crescent, Goatstown, Dublin 14

Has anybody seen this property? Is it a dodgy extension job, making a terraced house of a semi-d? Looks overpriced in its current state.

And now for the link: www.myhome.ie/1997908

From the comments you have been making on this site, you seem to think everything is overpriced. Maybe you should wait a few more years when a further collapse may make things look like value to you.

A bit harsh given only 4 posts


Most property is “overpriced” if very little properties are achieving the asking price, which seems to be the case bar a select few.

That house is a very good size with a nice garden though, and it doens’t appear to need a loa of work.

Look on Google Earth though and the garden is in complete shadow - NE facing. The extension looks kinda ugly the way it’s been done

On the plus side it looks to be a very nice little crescent in a good location. 10 mins walk to Kilmacud Luas.

IMHO this is one that will go below the asking, close to 400k

I wish I had a little sticker or tag to mark all these estimates to do some cross checking hen the databae is out. We could award prizes to the most accurate pinsters!

I agree the extension is ugly but the house still has plenty of pros, and is a good size in comparison to a lot of houses. A three bed on Drummartin Road is asking 469k and looks really pokey!

By this logic, was property that was achieving over asking during the boom “under-priced”?

I suppose it does; property has no concrete value and is only worth what people are willing to pay for it, so if people are willing to pay over and above the asking price the asking was too low, or a least did not accurately reflect the market value of the house.
This one is “overpriced” if it doesn’t reflect the market value of the property, but we can’t really know what the market value is until someone buys it, so it may be more accurate to ask the question in a different way, perhaps “how low would you go?!” :laughing:

All the posts were about properties in SCD, one of which has exceeded its asking price already. I am merely suggesting that the poster’s opinion of “overpriced” is off compared to the market, or else they are sneakily bidding on said properties and trying to ensure their bid wins by badmouthing the properties. Or its just yet another new poster with their own opinions and happy to share.

There are plenty of properties exceeding their asking price in SCD at the moment.

I thought the site was for the purpose of open, free, honest discussion and opinion? Based on latest data issued today house prices are still falling, bar the odd area, i do honestly think value is still not great, but perhaps close in the case of some properties in SCD as you state.

Ok, take no notice of me, was having a grumpy day yesterday, apologies. One thing I would say is that these WIW posts are greatly enhanced by anyone who has actually gone to see the property in question as the advert won’t tell you how much interest is in it, and if there are any big negatives.

I would wait a few months before buying a property in June, July August… prices are going to drop further. The mention of the 1.1% drop yesterday in the news is good for the buyers again. There are more propertys coming on to the marketin 3 weeks time.

Stay Calm. I would buy a property in October or November… or even in the New Year…

offer of 435k and climbing…more spacious in reality, requires good bit of work…but doesnt seem to bother people, going for well above asking!

you have got to be kidding me… Seriously time to drop out of the property search for the next few months if that’s the case.

€435,000 makes it €261 per sq/ft.
For Goatstown, that seems to be about the going rate in this market.

Problem for me is that the extension makes it a terraced house, rather than a semi-D.

How is that semi-detached?

Looks fully attached on both sides, due to the extension. I’m not sure how that happened, given it seems to touch the house on the left of picture.

From the outside, it looks like one ugly house…

Sold €440k 8-10-12