13 Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, -1400k from AMV, -23%

This one is quite interesting. It had an AMV of €6m back in March, which probably meant they expected a bit on top of that.

Here is the ‘analysis’ from the IT concerning the house…

Number 13 Herbert Park is likely to be a most sought after family home when it comes up for auction on March 28th. Sherry Fitz-Gerald’s AMV of €6 million is a reflection of the location, the size and style of the semi-detached house as well the hefty price tags fetched by other redbrick houses on what is one of the most desirable roads in Dublin 4.

ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 14693.html

Now it is available for


myhome.ie/search/property.as … earchlist=

Typical - 5 and a quarter mil, and the EA can’t even be arsed getting past the second word without a typo - “All to rarely” indeed.

Now €4.95m (€1,050k on AMV)


Now 4.6m