13 Kilmartin Drive, Fettercairn, Tallaght (-55k, -18.6%)

Was 294,950


Now 274,950


Dead link on new price Verb?

Fixed the link now. Myhome seem to have changed their ID methodology. I wonder if it’s a new way to try and confound IPW.

They have changed IDs. I am tracking a few properties and I have to go back to the search page.

It means I will now probably use the agents web sites instead and not bother going to Myhome.

They really are very silly. Hardly the way to nurture a €50m investment.

Now 249,950

Now 239,950

On the market again in 2014

Just dropped 20k (12.5%)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 24/2858099

So less that 50% the peak-of-the-market 2007 price. It seems the current ‘bubble’/rising tide is not lifting all boats?

The 294K price in 2007 was probably about 1/3rd more than it should have peaked at.

139K is also insane.

60K. And that’s being generous.

I worked with a person years ago who lived nearby and had to get out because he was afraid his children, then approaching teenage, were going to get drawn into casual criminality.

There are only 60 or so houses in Kilmartin drive yet a brief search for references to it yields:

independent.ie/irish-news/sc … 76590.html

herald.ie/news/two-glocks-in … 99007.html

independent.ie/irish-news/co … 64018.html

sundayworld.com/top-stories/ … sex-attack

herald.ie/news/courts/pair-a … 49478.html

independent.ie/incoming/man- … 95993.html

I am sure there are nice people in Kilmartin Drive and its neighbourhood but that is a lot of references to some serious crimes and criminals in one small area.

Maybe Kilmartin Drive could apply to Google for the right to be forgotten.