13 Leinster Road West, Rathmines (-555k, -41%)

Was 1.35m

Now 995k
c370 sq mts (3,982 sq ft)
€250/sq ft


Not really a house. It has been in offices for years. The so-called back garden is small, overgrown, separated by low railings from the grounds of a church and would provide easy access for thieves. It is near a corner of the very busy Harold’s Cross Road and also near a 24-hour petrol station. There is a laneway that is a side entrance to the church running close by. Most of the front part of the grounds is covered in poor quality tarmac.

Even though it is quite large detached building, it is hard to see it attracting anyone as a house.

Before it was put on the market for sale, it was unoccupieed or partially unoccupied for some time and for rent.

I cannot see having a real value as a house, It might have a value as an office but in the short-term, given there is so much office space for rent, buying space makes no sense for a company.

Like so much other property, its time has come and gone.

Now €795k (-€555k, -41%)

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1417769

Period Detached needs refurb:

€2149 per sq m (795000/370)
€200 per sq ft (795000/3982)

lovely church bell directly to the rear.

what’s the law with those, if there is one?

you mean in terms of bing-bonging? i presume it varies from church to church but usually there are 3 times:

  1. 15 mins prior to mass
  2. angelus at 12/1800
  3. weddings/funerals
    don’t think anywhere does the sanctus bell thing nowadays.
    duration is only a couple of minutes usually.
    lived beside a church and never found it obtrusive - quite nice actually (andi wouldn’t be one for early rising at all, at all)
    hope that helps!

i hope that’s the case. i lived beside a church in germany and the bell rung on the hour. it was pretty freakin far from nice.

Sale agreed