13 Pembroke Cottages, Off Main Street, Dundrum (-105k, -21%)

Was 500k

Now 460k

“Sold for £207,000” (€263k) in 2000
(very roughly €360k when adjusted for inflation since 2000)
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 272138.asp

Now 420k

Now €395k:


Only 630sq feet so seems pricey at 625 per sq foot!

Started at nearly 800 per sq foot :unamused:

Still says €460k in main text… More EA tricks…

Oh and the good news is… It has a sun-drenched yard… :laughing:

Hardly a trick? Surely the EA is just so run of his/her feet selling houses at the moment, they omitted to update the text?