13 Tritonville Road, Sandymount (-235k, -32.4%)

Was 725k
estatesalliance.com/en/irela … -3851.html

Now 625k
125 Sq. Metres (1,345 Sq. Feet)
€464/sq foot


Sign says ‘sale agreed’.

Still for sale on Daft, no update in 59 days.

now €490k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-4/267274

Am I right in thinking this was off for a while? It’s now €475k

Btw, along with nos 15 and 17 that’s 3 in a row…


LOL @ pic 3.

Yes, lets just sit on this couch and watch paint dry !
I mean wtf ?

Haven’t noticed it in a while alright, wonder did a sale fall through.

I don’t think I like this, looks nice from the front but not keen on the layout, kitchen looks very dark and gloomy.

I think 15 & 17 are receiver sales for the same is owner but this insist related, half of this road seems to have been for sale in thr past year!

Yep, it’s only a matter of time before tritonville road replicates that uk sale board stock photo that appears every time they mention property on the news :wink:

I reckon a full 2 story extension to the back would be in order, 3 bedrooms is a squeeze and the ceiling height in the kitchen is only about 7ft. A bit of imagination would improve it but with big bucks

don’t think the end result would be nice enough to justify big bucks, still be at the wrong end of a busty road with on parking, the one across the road is probably a better buy but the road and lack of parking puts me off that too.

The back yard development in all these houses makes them much less desirable. No parking or rear access, it would want to be an exceptional house to make up for that

Sale agreed (Myhome)

SOLD FOR €429,000 closed on 17/8/2012