132 Dublin Road, Sutton (-450k, -50%)

Was 900K
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 64216.html

now 450K
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 13/1246898

There is something very off-putting about this house. It has PVC windows and seems in reasonable condition, yet the front door is boarded up and the site is a mess.

Anyone know this house or area? On Google Maps, ‘scum’ has also been sprayed on the road sign.

Think it has been discussed before on the Pin: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21054&p=242548&hilit=coreen#p242548 - house is called Coreen, can search for that aswell.

I went to see this some time back - I started the last thread as it’s somewhere we would like to live.
The house needs an awful lot to make it liveable, we were shown round by Dennis Finn the lad who owns it. At the time he was trying to tout for business for his building firm too, so advised me it would be easier to knock it and build it back with the same façade and adding the extension that it has planning for. To be fair I think that’s the best thing for it too.

I mentioned the figure of 200k to him which he looked at me with disbelief and basically ushered me out of the place.
Later via email he told me there was an offer of 450k on it, I told him he should take their arm off at that.

It’s a good area ( the houses on this section of road were 1mill + at least in 06 ), the house is handy for the train, and the local Superquinn, and is still on a fair site compared to most despite the bit missing off the back, but traffic is a major issue at that junction from every direction and leave the car at home or leave early if the weather is good.

btw - at this stage I imagine its the bank who is selling it Denis Finn was in a lot of trouble financially 2 years ago, I can’t imagine anything has got much better for him.

Interesting thread about ‘Coreen’. Yes I agree something very off putting about it, the broken windows don’t help either. Bet the neighbours are sick of it! No doubt its a very good location and the site/house had loads ot potential, but it wouldnt appeal to many becuse it’s such a busy road, and to live in it as a south facing house, you would need to have the living areas/kitch at the front - and then be goosenecked everyday by hundreds. (including myself everynow and then walking along). Now if it were on the other side of the road where you could live facing the sea … need to win the lotto for that!

now burnt to a crisp

Wow! Very sad to see this kind of thing - but it happens when vacant houses are allowed to crumble and rot! Basically, it’s just a site now. Not very nice for the near neighbours. If I’m not mistaken it’s also beside a laneway that used to lead down to Suttonians Rugby Club and beyond. Is this still a right-of-way? If so it would explain the ultimate fate of this house.

theres access all the way through to station road (along the back of suttonians) but its overgrown and i doubt very used any more.
more importantly, there are 2 houses located at the along the middle of the lane where its still wide enough for cars to access, one between the dublin road houses and suttonians, the other between the dublin road houses and the houses on the suttionians side of station road
can be seen on bing maps fairly clearly
bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=swygt5 … orm=LMLTCC

Now up for auction as a site. AMV 250K

gunne.ie/index.cfm?fuseactio … ow=1&set=1

I might be wrong, but it looks as if this site now includes the separate smaller site at the end of the back garden.

Will be interested to see what this sells for.
For all intents and purposes it was really always going to be demolished or extensively renovated so should have been at site value years ago.

Did anyone ever find out where the hole in garden goes?

Seems to have sold at auction during the week

I believe the house was withdrawn from auction at 200k and sold immediately after, so no more than 220 I reckon. Still a bit of a strong price for a site that will probably need 50k to clear. There were subsidence issues on the house also which may increase cost of new build.