133 Lower Churchtown Road, D14 (-50k -10.1%)

Was asking €495k:

sale-houses.nuroa.ie/dublin/kws- … own?page=2

Now asking €445k:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1802627

Getting there, although the real value depends very much on the condition and amount of refurb needed.

Would this road have a lot of traffic?

Anyone know if its close to Luas, or what the commute into town is like?

yeah, a fair bit of traffic…it’s a commuting throughfare!
nearest Luas is Dundrum which is a fair haul away.
Bus service is poor…1 of the 16’s run up there if I remember right from living in that general area several years ago. The bus runs through terenure which used to be a killer for me in the mornings. You’d definitely need a car or 2 if living around this general area

A fair haul away??? Its less than 10 minutes walking, but why you wouldnt walk the five minutes to the closer Windy Arbour Luas I don’t know.

Traffic wise its choked up here in morning and evening, but particularly in the evening time you’ll have a traffice jam blocking the entrance to the house.

Agree with inregionof, Luas access would be one of the major plus points for this house.

Being on a narrow road that’s constantly busy would be the main negative

10 minute walk to Dundrum luas from the top of Grang Rd??? It’d take 10 minutes to walk down to Nutgrove Ave alone
or perhaps there’s some shorter route through Barton rd etc that I’m not au fait with

I think you are looking at the wrong house? This is Lower Churchtown road, myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1802627

A few minutes away from Windy Arbour.

d’oooohhhh…your right…I kept reading Grange Rd, not Churchtown Rd!!! apologies…I’ll go lie down now 8DD

I find it funny that this road is so desirable. I cycle up and down it every day and it is constantly packed with traffic ( particularly at this house ) or has boy racers ( like myself ) hooring up and down it. Most of the people who live on this road seem to struggle greatly with getting out onto the road without getting smacked too. I agree it is very convenient for Dundrum or Milltown LUAS but other than that I just don’t get it.

To be honest, I’d have thought that if this house (with this garden) was on a quiet road, in more or less the same area, that it would get €100k more.

The price certainly jumped out at me. Its below €300 per sq foot.

Having said that; I just wouldnt live there, regardless of the price, if traffic is that bad.

Sale Agreed:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1802627

Next door now on market at €625k:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1967418

Anyone else noticing a lot of properties in close proximity coming on the market in sequence of late???

133 with an asking price in March 2012 of €445k
135 with an asking price of €625k

I hope they are having a laugh.

Very different houses, visually at least.

30K off asking on 135

they have stopped laughing and dropped it to 595k

133 sold for €430k 11-10-12

135 still available at €565k

#133 sold for 430K as per reg (11/10/12)

Now sale agreed. Last priced at €565k.