133 St Lawrence Road, Clontarf - then and now

In 1999 “withdrawn £340,000, sold region £360,000 (€457,000)
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 16515.html

2012, asking €949,500
235 Sq. Metres (2,530 Sq. Feet)
€375/sq foot

thats interesting. huge difference.

it would be interesting to see a then and now comparison for different parts of Dublin.

For example, I noticed that houses in Georgian Village in Castleknock were trading for £700k in 1999; they are at asking of €850k now.

hence, if this asking has any basis in reality, one could say a good’un in Clontarf has outperformed a good 'un in Castleknock by some distance over the past 13 years.

That wouldn’t surprise me. Castleknock regards itself highly but Clontarf is a greatly superior area that I would expect to hold value more strongly.

Nonetheless the 1999 vs 2012 comparison suggests to me that 133 St Lawrence Road is vastly overpriced. We should be back fairly close to 1999 prices. It may well be that the vendor did a major renovation job here, but even so they seem to be hoping to price in the cost of that. Good luck to them if they can get it.

I take your point, but if it is vastly superior now should it not have been vastly superior in 1999 also? What has changed between now and then…Is it that there is greater supply in Castleknock…I am thinking no, because it is locked in by the M50.

Perhaps its that the 1980s architecture looks considerable more dated now than it did ten years ago…or perhaps its that the traffic is worse…

Or maybe the example is just misleading.

Price drop to €899,500
Still significantly overpriced. Property looks like it is in need of considerable renovation / modernisation.
€700K with a chunk to spend might do it.

Asking 1m in May 2015
collapso.net/Sale-Property/p … id=1064225

Just sold for 1m
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-196779/