136 mount prospect avenue, clontarf


any thoughts on this property? Good condition/loaction. Whats a realistic price given shortage of good family homes in area?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rf/1946245


I’d have thought €550k to €600k…


You can be gauranteed this house will go for asking and I would imagine a few % more. There are q’s of people with cash for this area as I have learned recently. Went to see this on weekend myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1928366

there were loads of people at it. Agent has offer of 500k already (asking 525k), with 3 other bidders in the mix. The house is in bits, tiny with great potential to extend if you have about 150k to spend.

There is huge demand for properties like the one you linked to, judging by the viewings Ive attended and EA’s bidding wars.


will be greater than asking. depends on how carried away bidders get at that stage


No.136 - The rear garden seems very small compared to the norm around Clontarf - probably due to the ‘A’ build on the side.

They couldn’t give away No.142 Mount Prospect Avenue for about two years, and it passed agents from Savills to Gallaghers and a few price drops later finally moved.
No.142 was/is a much bigger site. Yes, it needed work, yet it looks like it just got cosmetics when the new owner moved in.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1402437
Stamp duty calculator for No.142 still shows asking price at the time of €651,450 Inc stamp duty.

No.142 was also mentioned on the pin here asking €645k about a year ago.


The house is tastefully modernized,turnkey condition,not overlooked in a great area with a shortage of decent properties and pent up demand it will get the asking and indeed may go well above it.

The only thing that bothers/niggles me is the unplastered dividing wall to the front,just looks dreadful and takes away from another wise nice house…but that’s just me.


well if you have 650K to buy it i’m sure you can stretch another few hundred to plaster the wall…


There is an A built right beside it, so presumably the owners have already cashed in.


Sorry to be thick.
What is an A build? I assumed it was a ground floor extension with a pitched roof. But then I’m not sure what the comment about the A build next door and cashing in is about??



Sorry for the lingo.
Basically owners often squeeze in an extra house when they have a large garden or site.
As the houses are already numbered, then the new build becomes known as 136A, or whatever.
If you get a few hundred thousand for it, then it more than makes up for diminishing the original house.


Ah now I’m with you. Yes I am familiar with the A house in the garden. A quick scout on google maps cleared it up for me. That was a massive site.

My tuppence on this house is that it will go for 650ish. Based on houses I’ve been looking at and bidding on in the area. It could get higher should 2 or 3 bidders who can afford it and have been looking for a while come together. Definite spike in area at the minute. Lots of well heeled families only mad to buy a house to move into and not many on market - although they are coming.

This is the first one in a while that doesn’t need work so will be interesting to see does that bring a premium. This one is very well finished out.


Never got sold in the end.


Back on the market asking 630k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=7 … fr=default
What was the asking price in 2012?

Was previously for sale in 2005, before 136A was built
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 00463.html


No record of a sale on the register, though 136a just sold - see viewtopic.php?f=21&t=65453


Sale agreed for 735k


What’s the goss on Pamela & Ronan??