13A Kenliworth Lane, Rathgar (-360k,-47%)

Hope this hasn’t been listed already.

Was 770K. … =firefox-a

Now 700K.

myhome.ie/search/property.as … earchlist=

Can’t find them on myhome.

They are on daft at Region €665,000 for 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms

that’s about 105,000 off the original

they have neighbours for sale on myhome at 10 Kenilworth Lane, Rathgar, Dublin 6


Now 650k


Can any 3-bed house really require 4 bathrooms !!

And not a picture of any of them in the sales blurb !

From the description it has 3 bathrooms and a w.c. None of the bathrooms actually contain a bath though (all showers). The rooms look tiny too.

Now 585k and marked “*REDUCED REDUCED REDUCED


I wouldn’t look at anything until it has REDUCED written at least 4 times

Really lovely area, surrounded by some of the most expensive housing in Dublin.

A 25% price reduction is enormous, but while the property looks pretty pokey, in actual fact for 3 bedrooms in this area, this now looks to me to be in the ballpark of reasonable value.

€2,500 monthly mortgage repayments does make it a million miles away from most average Joes and Josephines, but if you carve off another few quid from the asking price (possible), I’d say this is approaching the property’s “worth”. I think 3 students/young professionals (lol, remember them?) paying €700/800 each pm in rent looks about right for this place.

And it makes a nonsense of all those horrible houses in estates in Knocklyon, Ballycullen, Firhouse etc. asking €700,000.

I’m not sure I’d rhapsodise about this place’s value so much. True, it is technically a 3 bed house but the square footage is probably more apt for a two bedroom apartment. The “master” bedroom is only 8.5 ft wide and the other two bedrooms are boxy 10x10’s. None of the bathrooms is big enough to fit a bathtub. The livingroom/diningroom and kitchen are tight too.

Back up to 650k


This property seems to have changed price more frequently than any other I have seen. It’s been alternating between 585 and 650 for a while now. Perhaps in this instance they were inspired by Chomp’s comments :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that their logic is that when it is on for €585k they are getting offers around the €530k mark so they’re hoping that putting the asking back up to €650k will get them offers of at least €585k.

And I kind of disagree for Chomp’s analysis, yes it’s a great area, but the layout of the house is designed for sharers rather than families. So I think in the past it appealed to investors rather than home seekers and there aren’t many investors out there now.

I think you’re probably right. They may have hoped to get viewers by pitching at 585k, with a view to achieving 600k+.

Definitely agree with you. It’s in a great area, and it may be surrounded by period properties, but it is unlikely to suit a buyer who is looking for a PPR in Rathgar. It probably is more geared for renting, but the rent is not going to approach mortgage repayments at current price levels.

Now 585k again


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

770k → 585k is a 185k / 24% drop

Not the most spacious of houses.

My friends used to live in a neighbouring house. Really good location, and nice properties, but DEFINITELY only good for renting out to someone. Far too small to raise a family in.

That house and the one beside it were unoccupied for many years after they were built. two years ago they were refurbished and put on the market for about 770k the one beside it sold at the peak

Back on the market again, change of agent and back to 650k


575K on myhome.
myhome.ie/residential/search … KQVR342973