14.5 bn already taken out of the economy...

Michael Taft repeated the claim that 14.5 billion has been taken out of the economy through cuts in government spending in the last two years.

As far as I can see, government expenditure is planned to be down 1.5 bn on 2009. 2009 was 73 bn. This is the highest it has ever been.

Where the fuck is the 14.5 billion that has been cut? And when did Michael Taft sign up to FF?

Is he counting in tax increases as well.

What I found interesting is the Lenny kept using the 50’sB and 30’sB numbers for expenditure and income. It seems that the Irish national accounts have gone all Anglo.

They’ve been pushing that lie unchallenged for weeks now. I’d say the €14bn comes from adding up the cumulative cuts of the last 2 years, current and capital. So say year 1 was €2bn current and €5bn capital, so after 2 years that’s €14bn. The lie is when they compare it with the €15bn to come. The €15bn is an annual cut, not a cumulative cut. So year 1 is to be €6bn, lets say year 2 was €5bn & years 3 & 4 €2bn. That’s €15bn off the annual cost of running the country but a cumulative cut of €45bn (€6bn + €11bn + €13bn + €15bn).

That’s the only explanation I can think of.

I don’t know.

The tax take has declined the past three years.

I’ve no doubt the government are counting it that way and including all the foregone payrises and increments (all feckin year of them), but UNITE are now UNITA to FF’s South Africa?

Pull the other one Michael, then tell us again how we’re going to spend our way out…

Thanks, that would make sense. So instead of being two thirds through, we are one third… (will be with this budget).

Those numbers are, as the French say, “Un grand sac de Merde”.

It’s just a way of trying to spin a forthcoming budget with cuts of 15 billion as no big deal, because after all we aren’t that much worse off that a year or two ago ?

As you say we’ve actually only seen something like a tenth of that in real cuts.

The other interesting snippet was where he said something like, “the budget would bring taxes back to 2006 levels”, if I remember correctly.

At time I immediately though; Is he saying that they are looking to gather the same amount of taxes as 2006, while conveniently ignoring the fact that there are +250,000 less tax payers & incomes from other sources have been decimated.