14 Aideen Avenue versus 5 Larkfield Grove


Does anyone have a opinion on this house lisney.com/Residential/14-Ai … in-6w.aspx ? Asking price €195,000…I went to see it today and it is fairly derelict but it has great potential. It would have to be completely gutted and have an extension put on because the kitchen is practically non existent and two of the bedrooms are pretty small. Would I be mad to take this sort of project on and does anyone have any idea how difficult it is to get planning permission and how much extensions/ refurbishments cost??? Would it bleed me dry because I’m buying on my own?

Or alternatively there’s Larkfield Grove myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2067826. Asking price €250,000. Pretty nice house. Its small and needs a bit of work but it is at least habitable. And I love the garden.

Or would I be mad to buy??? What is the general feeling out there considering the tax exemptions are apparently going next year?

Thanks for the advice in advance!

Thanks, N

Sorry to be blunt but yes, you would be mad to take on a project of this size and complexity if you have not done anything vaguely similar before and yes, it would probably bleed you dry financially, again as you seem not to have any experience of costing extensions/refurbs.

Thanks for the honeest advice!! Will go back to the drawing board.