14 Ballytore Road , Rathfarnham (-60k, -8%)

Was 750k
collapso.net/Sale-Property/s … id=2541531

Now 690k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2541531
1475 ft² / 137.03 m²
€468/sq ft

You have got to be kidding me. 700k for a 1500sq feet semi-d in rathfarnham? Not even in bubly SCD is that possible

would have thought this will get at least 650k and probably closer to the new price revised price (690) but who knows… Ballytore/Crannagh always pricey

On a more general point market around rathfarnham seems to be getting good supply now for of 550K - 1M houses… I think we shall see a slow down over the coming months

it defo won’t go under 600k as the few roads round there seem to attract a premium…can see it getting 650k unfortunately

Ah, ok. It’s a good location alright. But still.

No. 34 sold for 600k on 1/7/13 and is currently being gutted. Houses on this road peaked at nearly 1.2 mil (and that for something that needed considerable work). Some of the houses have huge back gardens.

No. 14 will most likely need to be gutted too. Current 1st Floor is 2x average size double rooms + 2x box rooms + only 1x bathroom! Downstairs not bad, though no toilet and tight enough space wise.

Extend 1st floor over garage and try to slip in an ensuite somewhere + extend rear me thinks. Don’t think the garden is as big as the ‘photo’ suggests…damn fisheye lenses!

Say it went for 650k+ and then spend 175/200k for refurb & extension? Overall cost maybe 850k+!..seems a lot. If you have 850k lying around you might just get you a better house in a better area!

Sold for 730k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-102473/

Strategy of dropping the price seemed to work nicely here. I’d guess a few bidders got stuck in and bid the price up.

Well , I stand corrected, it WAS possible. No wonder I haven’t found anything to buy yet :confused: