14 Glasnamana Rd, Glasnevin, Dub 11

Did anyone view this house today? I couldn’t get over the size of the turnout. At least 100 people easily. Shocked. It’s a big money pit, pictures actually do it justice for a change!!! But there were crowds waiting outside to get in and view when large groups left the viewing. Madness

70k would see this right giving you a largish, competely modernised and snug 3 bed in Glasnevin for under 300k. Madness I think not at all…

Definitely will go for more than asking price. Madness I mentioning is the amount that turned up at the viewing. I’ve never seen anything like it. But it’s in alley way, beside a large electricity supply station, at the back if very busy shops with a derelict house with large grounds at the back which is due to be used for building apartments pending planning permission. The garden is also on a steep decline and made me worry about flood possibility? I would say more 100k work needed, very bad damp mould and cracks throughout the property which hasn’t been lived in, in at least 1.5 yrs. I was very disappointed with the house. From the pictures my husband and I were going in thinking we’d be making an offer of 250-260 but not even 200k would sell it to me.

Don’t see you being able to buy a fully done up 3 bed of this size in glasnevin for your €300k (€100k work +€200k figures) in the current market. Think you are being more than a bit unrealistic, I think the crowds are evidence of this.

Why are you shocked? You and your husband were there? Are you less mad than the other 99?

But is it really Glasnevin? And if so, is it the “right” part of Glasnevin?

Taking your questions in order:

  • almost certainly not
  • no
    It’s an alright area, nothing wrong with it except perhaps the labelling

Which is why it’s €230k+ refurb and not €350k+refurb. It’s a grand area, every house in an area can’t be on the best road, just because it’s near Finglas doesn’t make it Finglas.

it’s old school Finglas South. Grand area very much on the up with a lot to recommend it - but go into the Cremore Pub 50 yards up the road and ask the locals where they live? Only renting culchies, the deluded (e.g. an aquaintance forced by the downturn to relocate from Drumcondra which he views as a personal humiliation) and certain colourful elements of the community searching for the new ‘Fabra’ ever call around here Glasnevin…

It’s tolka estate glasnevin…

Seriously… Approx 100 people at a viewing, midweek mid afternoon, wouldn’t shock you, no?
I’m curious about any offers which may have been made out of the approx 100 people that showed up.

From the photos, the place appears to be in reasonable condition. Taking the total area including the garage at 205m^2, and you’re looking at a pretty good deal. After visiting, many people might conclude that it’ll take 100k to make it livable (I think york’s estimate above is more likely), but it was certainly worth their while to take a look.

Viewed this yesterday. Lots of interest. It’s a bank sale. It has a disputed piece of land at the side on the house, behind the generator. Looks like the land can only be accessed through the back garden of this house. It has a temporary fence around it. It also has a 2 or 3 large trees blocking out sunlight and possibly could flatten your house with the recent weather ! The kitchen / dining area is very dark. Tree block out a lot of light. You would have lights on must of the day. Water and electric cut off.