14 St. Flannans Terrace, Ennis -€100800 -72.62%

Was 138800
Now 122000
Would suit DIY enthusiast!

Is there a roof or not?!? :question:

Region 139k No point selling for less than it’s worth :angry:

The condition this house has been left in is truly shocking. Flannans Terrace is subject to a preservation order and a lot of fine work has been done with these houses over the years. I took a look around this one at Christmas time and was appalled - I still think about it!

Looks like the renovation work was contracted to monkeys before being abandoned - chimney breast shattered with a sledge, internal door and window jambs shattered for no reason, rotten roof trusses patched rather than replaced (still, should be fine for a few years). The rear extension has a seemingly illogical layout and the blockwork was built directly onto the walls and floor of the older mass-concrete flat-roofed extension, thus negating the benfits of dry-lining the new parts and guaranteeing damp and heat loss unless demolished! Some structural cracks in the original rear wall look recent and have been ignored, but they need immediate action.

Funniest/saddest of all though, is the insertion of an off-the-peg front door (B & Q jobbie) which is approx 4 inches too narrow for the doorway - hilariously, the builders tried to dismantle the door jambs and (somehow) move them inwards to fit their new yellow-pack door rather than simply fit a correctly sized door, but of course abandoned the effort half through, leaving the brickwork around the doorway to disintegrate and a two-inch gap on either side of the door. I’m not sure what exactly they were trying to do, I’ve never seen anything like it and I have looked at a lot of houses of this period professionally. I take it as an indication of their general, and complete, incompetence.

Would have been a beautiful house for a restoration project, but the damage that has been done by the current owners’ efforts will require significant remedial costs and the house is now potentially unsellable (to anyone other than those with either bottomless pockets, or no sense) imho.

Owner also dropped price from 139 to 122k with previous agents before changing agents and moving back to 139k. Price seems utterly unrealistic to me in either case.

Now 105k

Now 95k

Now 38k