14 The Walk, Ballinteer

went for 225k according to the price register in May 2012


now for sale for 385k


doesn’t seem to be much done to it but at 225k it was a very good bargain, seen as a few months later several properties in the same estate went for 100k more

This house just around the corner in Woodpark, Ballinteer was asking 330k in 2011 and sold for 315k in early 2012. Now up again asking 370k!!

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1609197

All though 2011 and early 2012 Ballinteer was one of the best ‘value’ areas in SCD.

Looks like that’s gone now

We almost bought in “The Green” at the end of 2011, had our offer accepted and all. In the end we pulled out as we felt the garden was too small. Kind of regret it now as house prices where we bought haven’t risen by as much in the interim as the general area there appears to have. Still, we have a nice house with a bigger garden we will be in for a while yet so can’t really complain.

I’ve been following this since it came onto the market and even put in a bid on it. Was getting out of hand so I opted out. Crazy stuff to think that this house was sold in march last year for 315k and the current bid on this is now 400k. Original asking was 370k. People are getting desperate out there. I really do hope this is a dead cat bounce situation.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1609197

Ballinteer was traditionally the least attractive neighbourhood in that area - compared to Dundrum and Rathfarnham places like Woodpark were a lot cheaper. The paucity of supply seems to have a bunch of the famous “30-somethings earning 100k+” all desperate to buy and driving up prices here. Can’t afford Ranelagh, try Clonskeagh, can’t afford there, try Dundrum, can’t afford there, try Ballinteer.

€4,000 per m2 for a 1970’s house with a BER D1, of no great architectural merit, in a very ordinary suburb. In a bankrupt country. Doesn’t seem right to me.

There’s still those couple of hundred apartments lying empty and almost finished at Wyckham Point too.

My oh went to view this the other day and then started getting bombarded with texts keeping us informed of the price increments. Cant believe anyone would pay that for woodpark, nice though it is. The frenzy continues. My financial advisor chap says 'hell no! wait for the ecb rate to move".
I hope he’s right, presumably he has a degree in this shit, or somthing.

Some of those estates do look nice and leafy at this time of year and close to parks, Dundrum SC, decent school options so they are always in demand. I agree to that Ballinteer address never had the same cache as dundrum or rathfarnham but looks like it’s changed a bit recently.

House does tick a few boxes, end of row, additional room to extend at side (although buyer probably never will) and south facing garden. It’s a bit scarely to how quickly we’ve got back to 2004 in some areas.

Could be waiting a long time for any increase in rates - if rates increase economy is likely to be much stronger and there will be other dynamics at work in the housing market…

I did point that out, but he shrugged a lot of the arguments off. He reckoned we should stay put, keep saving, and wait for the repos’s.

Yes I have had the same, getting texts late a night saying another 5k added to the bidding war. Pretty intrusive stuff but I’d say its a good tactic by the EA to get some people hooked. Vendor must be laughing at this stage, already made a profit of 90k as the bidding is now at 405k.

Is it the last house in dublin?
Max rent would be 1400.

IMO your max rent is understating the current market.

Similar houses in the area (dundrum, rathfarmham, ballinteer) go from €1375 to €2200.

Now at 415k
Have they struck oil in the back?

So Ballinteer houses are up 100K in the past 18 months.


Stopped bidding for this a couple of weeks ago when things started getting ridiculous, bidding going up by 20k in one day in 5k increments. Vendor must be laughing all the way to the bank, worth about 350k at most i’d say.

You’re not wrong! It’s about time I learned how to draw a graph. I’ll have a go this evening.

Still for sale on myhome, is it sale unagreed?

I purchased my first home in Woodpark back in c1975 for £7000 and sold it c1981 for £26500.
Two large bedrooms and a small box room. Small kitchen and adequate sitting room and dining room. Small back garden. The one thing I remember about this house was that it was freezing cold in the winter. When it snowed and began to thaw you could actually see a line across the estate where the snow melted below the line but stayed on the ground above the line.
It was a great location then and it still is. You are a stones throw from Marlay Park and Dundrum and the M50 plus the Dublin mountains beyond.
The person who purchased this house for just over €200k did well and to sell it on a year and a bit later at a nice profit shows that knowing your area can pay dividends.