14-year-old dies after being given cervical cancer jab

14-year-old dies after being given cervical cancer jab → telegraph.co.uk/health/healt … r-jab.html

We should ban it.

And peanuts too.
In fact anything with nuts. Very dangerous.


This vaccin is lethal. I beleived I mentionned in earliers post that you should consider yourself lucky that the governement didn’t inject it to all the girls.

I’ve read on the Interweb somewhere that Cervical Cancer can be lethal too, especially to girls. Why oh why doesn’t the government just ban it along with the “vaccin”? Just another example of messed up priorities (and probably sexism).

Every single vaccine carries a risk. However the gross benefit of vaccines to the human race far outweighs the risk.
Did you drive today Mercedes?.. far too risky, ban cars!

Are you for real??? This is lethal if non detected. And only to girls This especially to girls is out of this world… Now this only occur when you have sexual intercourse, this is how this spread, 90 % of those who contact this will get rid of this through their immune system, but hey, you need good food for this to build it up, the rest 10% will be detected with smeer test, every 2 years, you go and have a test, this will tell you if you have it or not. No need for any nasty injections. Re read my previous post was all the info, you have it all there. Really, what the hell is wrong with you people? Out of this world. Trully embarrassing some of you are. No wonder bertie was here ( and still is, was he sitting on the bench for the nama thingy?) in power while the other inbreed is sitting as a leader. No wonder at all… Trully, wot the F…

What kind of logic is this??? Total propaganga, brainwashing, and bla bla bla… Did you had a hole done in your head or are you really like this? I bet for the latest… Pfff…

I would think “what is wrong” is the 180 or so women who contract cervical cancer in this country every year and the 70 odd who die from it. I guess they just needed “good food” instead of medical treatment.

They need to be checked! Why are man dying from testicular cancer? Because they don’t get checked. Same with woman, if you don’t go and have a check up how do you wanna know if you have something or not? This is unbeleavable. If those woman contacted the virus, and if their immune system does not get rid of it ( un healthy food will do lower your immune system I let you know as you seem septic about it) and if they do not see a gyneco every two years, yes, there is a chance that they will die from it. But before that there is a lot that is easy to do it as a prevention,no?
The problem is also your doctors/ nurses etc… They are so backwards this is mad. 10 years ago I was asking about some pill to get rid of some candida ( vaginal infection) and I was told that candida is a myth, that this is a problem with the lady??? This is the most yeast infection in france ( even 10 years ago and all pharmacy or Dr would give you a pill for it) , in Ireland, it was still a myth for many and you were looked like a mad dirty person. Woohoo… Sex… YUK! You might still be part of it too I reckon.

Do you know of any websites with good info on this vaccine? I’d like to read up on it.

Back to the check up and hospitals, there was a friend who went to blackrock clinic in dublin and was suppose to get some liquid injected in the urethra, the gyneco who was a WOMAN inserted the probe into the vagina, only when my friend told her that she thought the liquid was in the wrong place, the gyneco looked at her and instead of been apologising said that as she was having a wrong vaginal set up she got it in the wrong place. Now, this was a WOMAN, ans she didn’t even put the probe into the right place. This is scary, and this is happening. Then yes, if woman dies from cervical cancer ( this take years to devellop by the way, it doesn’t arrive in one night!) this is because the check up are not made properly or not made at all.
If you are a man and over 50, go and get a finger stick up at your bottom to check your prostate, not pleasant but better to do that and be alive, no? Same for woman.

I had a load of it somewhere here, but it as been mix up with other non related post, just to be buried. You got all the info somewhere here, buried, but somewhere.
Many links and facts.
That was about fluoride too.

Are you opposed to vaccines in general Merc? Are all or most vaccines designed to kill us?

Did I ever mention that all the vaccin are here to kill everyone? Get real. Keep you low ridiculus comments…
Why do you want to get injected with something that is not neccessary, this is the real question. Why? XX

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The governement is actually doing you a favor about the vacc

Nor working, just try it. Go on the search engine and type

mercedes vaccin

I would like to comment.

Current reports suggest that the young girl who died had a serious underlying medical condition and that the vaccination is very unlikely to be the cause of her death. That’s the first point.

Mercedes, I actually tolerated your chemtrails nonsense because I found it entertaining. This, however is not entertaining. It is deadly serious. The vaccination is not lethal. If it was, we would not be discussing the death of one person on its account, but of thousands. This young girl, however, is the first person in the UK to die following adminstration of the vaccination and thousands have already received it. As noted above, it’s unlikely at this point that the vaccination was the cause of her death. This is already reported in several UK based newspapers. Suggesting that the vaccination is lethal is hysterial and ignorant. I’m not willing to tolerate that because we are actually discussing people’s lives here.

The vaccination protects against two major strains of HPV which are responsible for up to 70% of cases of cervical cancer. As HPV is secually transmitted, it is thought to be more effective if you give it to young girls before they become sexually active, hence the age profile of the schools program in the UK. The current rate of cervical cancer in the UK is to the order of 85 cases per million females, of whom roughly 30 will die of the disease. As far as I am aware, figures for the UK suggest that about a million females have been vaccinated so far. Even if the vaccine was linked to this death - which it appears it probably isn’t - the fact is, non vaccination is some 30 times more lethal than vaccination.

Ireland currently has a free cervical screening program for women aged between 25 and 60 I believe. I can’t remember the details right now. You’re entitled to a free smear every 3 years I think. Cervical smears are deeply, deeply unpleasant and in some cases extremely painful. I’d far prefer to take the risk with the jab than have to go through that process every 3 years for 35 years or so.

Rebelbuttmunch is correct when s/he points out that the benefits of vaccination to humankind are manifest. It is thanks to vaccination that smallpox has been eradicated. It is owing to stupid religious interference and ignorance that we have not yet quite managed to vaccinate polio out of existance. I do not care if you believe that vaccinations are lethal; it’s your prerogative. The fact is, however, you are wrong, and it is deeply regrettable that in this country we attach more importance to funding AngloIrish Bank than we do to protecting the health of young women.

Calina, we had this before… :unamused:

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I have read it. It is still ignorant nonsense. The fact that you posted it before doesn’t make it somehow right. The link you provided on the subject is not from what I would consider to be a source qualified to comment. It has an agenda of its own and it is very clearly has an antivaccination bias.

Mercedes, you are a complete prat and this time it is not funny like your Contrail/Chemtrail twaddle :frowning:

In 1998 in the Uk there were around 80-100 deaths from Meningitis C annually in under 19 children.

Then in 1999 they started vaccinating AGAINST it and by 2002 there were only a few deaths and again by 2007 there were 0 deaths under 19 see .

They do not use an active agent in Meningitis C Vaccines in fairness which reduces reactions … see netdoctor.co.uk/childrenshea … gitisc.htm

So if one person dies from an allergic reaction to the Meningitis C vaccine what about the other utterly needless deaths incurred from abandoning the programme and what about brain damage in survivors ???

Everything is risky but you still cross the road every day :frowning:

The cervical cancer can be eradicated with simple check up. FFS! What this as to do with meningitis? You may as well talk about the moon and the eclipse or what ever your fantasy are, there is no relation between cervical cancer and meningitis.
Again, even if Calina is on a full campain for vaccination, re read ther older post. You might want to go and google more about gardasil 1pack.