14-year-old dies after being given cervical cancer jab

That would involve men (carriers and transmitters of HPV) going for a check up. Personally, I believe this to have such a vanishingly small likelihood as to be a silly suggestion.

Cervical cancer cannot be eradicated with a simple check up. Cervical smears are far from simple if you’re on the receiving end of them, they can be extremely unpleasant; the test results are not always conclusive and Christ knows how many people have had to be retested when there have been issues with those tests.

You can only hope to identify it in time to cure it and of that, because of the occasional issues with the tests, there is no guarantee. The best treatment is to prevent transmission as far as possible. The vaccination is against the strains which cause up to 70% of cases.

I ask because you write about chemtrails and lots of other nonsense, and vaccine conspiracies are another favourite of people who believe in chemtrails. Tens of millions Americans carry the HPV virus (some estimate that half of the sexually active population carry it), there are 12000 cases annually of cervical cancer some of which are the result of this virus and if the vaccine can reduce the number of cancers then it may be a net good.

Gardasil causes all manner of reactions according to annecdote and may be killing one girl a month in the US. Cervical cancer kills many more. Its not quite 6 of one half a dozen of the other equation. Sure the drug companies make lots of money from it but they make just as much or more from treating cancer.

There’s currently no approved clinical test for HPV in men.

Well, there you go. So eradicating it through “a simple check up” for women would be, eh, impossible.

As others have said, if you want to go all Patricia McKenna over vaccinations, kindly produce some evidence or talk to yourself.

TBH I dont think the thread started about the tragic death of this girl, circumstances not yet fully known, are the place to have a discussion about conspiracy theories and it is not appropriate to have a chemtrails type disucssion on vaccines so I’m closing it off.