140K Inchichore

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/1609294

Is this goOd value? I don’t really know Inchicore. This seems to be in the better part?

You can pray to whatever god you like…Inchicore is not heaven sent.

It’s not Knocklyon!

its very close to the camac river, you’d want to check out if it was affected by the recent flooding

Its a couple of doors down from Cleary’s where someone was shot dead a few years ago.

The area looks okay though - not typical knackeragua…

Spotted this today too.

Going by the osi.ie map I don’t think it’s near the river; I wouldn’t hav thought it was especially rough either. I used to drive though Inchicore and thought it was ok. A fair number of non locals would have bought these from the original inhabitants. Afaik Inchicore would be traditional working class rather than, whatever

Makes the apartments look expensive for sure

The house is on a road that is (effectively) one way, in that westward is a bus lane, so access is eastward, so depending on your initial direction… results in a round trip out via Inchicore Rd on to the Con Colbert Rd and back on to Sarsfield Road. Not fun in rush hour…