140k working in dublin, single

Try not to be too harsh…
I have been approved of mortgage of 140k (including my deposit) I’m just almost 40 yrs, single.
This is really scraping the end of the barrel for Dublin obv
I could move to Arklow or Drogheda for example but worried about commute to D2
I want to buy because I’m currently paying cheap rent but the place is quite small in Dublin, just bigger than a bedsit.
Kinda confused if i should live in a “bad” area of dublin or just move out and commute…
seems to me the traffic is bad no matter where I live…
I’ve been a bit spoilt with a half hour walk to work the last 7 years…

yes. I could get off at Grand Canal Quay which would be 5 or 10 minutes from work

Drogheda might do doable by train, also balbriggan, but i’ve been told that is a bad area.
Arklow, the train takes two hours, so that’s a bit nuts :confused:
I work out that car by train would be 1.5 hours and at least i wouldn’t be waiting on trains
which between waiting on trains and getting to train stations it could be also 1.5 hours or so

why do you want to buy, whats your motivations

i certainly wouldnt buy in a rough area just to say i owned a house

it’s not to SAY i owned a house… I want a bigger place and renting one is much more expensive

ok but is having a bigger place worth 3 hours of your day if you are talking about a 2 hour commute v 30min walk?

sure but i’m 40 … I think it’s either now or never to buy a house of my own or otherwise be stuck in small apt/bedsits for the rest of my life.
I could I suppose buy and then if i hated the commute, I could rent the house and move back to rented accomodation in Dublin.

hmmmm or pay extra in rent and never buy?
Honestly, just a bit confused by it all at this stage.

the point is that you dont have to buy

i certainly wouldnt go and buy anywhere you arent familiar with before trying it out for a while by renting.

Something to think about! Thanks for your replies!

Your mortgage approval suggests your income is around €35k. Perhaps you would be better applying for social housing (single person limit for Dublin < €35k).

I’m on the housing list for years… i think i’m number 500 or so… could be years waiting for that surely?

myhome.ie/residential/broch … -3/3958003
North Strand 135k… it’s not totally dismal

Renting during retirement is something to be factored into sums
are we really in a situation where median income means you need to be on a housing list and your buying options are so limited
irishtimes.com/opinion/super … -1.2104861

Article is from 2015 - has much changed?

You mean if i don’t buy and continue to rent … yes!

looking at rents now, there are few available for less than 1000 anywhere in Dublin/ Wicklow/Louth

I do odd bits here and there outside of my jobs, events management etc… this is why i was able to save 20,000 in 2 years or so… if i was relying on my wages it would take 5 years… plus my rent (550) is jammy cheap!

If all were to fail here in Australia where I had to pack up and move back to Ireland id be in a similar position and age. Id probably go for a semi ruined but about livable thing for sub 50k in the back of beyonds, maybe commutable to Cork within a hour or something like that. But that’s my personality more than anything else. And I`d probably prefer to do that than earn a decent wage and rent or buy in the Dublin commuter lands

I wouldn’t say Cork is much better in terms of price these days and the traffic ain’t great either…although, yes, probably, certainly, not as bad as Dublin.

Consider Ballymun. Close to the city.

I have lived in Dundrum, which is closer again and the commute from Dundrum was 1 hour and one morning in particular it was 1.5 hours!
Ballymun has a very bad rep

16 minutes on the luas these days (but that doesn’t help much with Ballymun…)