142 Holywell, Kilmacud

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2756817

Any views on this? €539,000 for a 3 bed in Kilmacud. Seems great on paper, my only concern is that the Luas line is directly behind the rear garden wall which was quite loud.

Maybe you would get used to it but I was standing in the rear bedroom and I could actualy feel the Luas pass by.

I had a look on google maps and it appears to be a setion that the Luas probably travels at speed and therefore could be worse than normal?

Is it something you could get used to? The noise maybe but the vibration ?

doesn’t seem great to me at that price and with the Luas issue. It’s less than 1,300 sq ft also.

Bonkers price if you ask me. But then I can’t adjust to this so called ‘recovery’ so I actually think about 300-320K is a more realistic price for this house. But that’s in my little world of make-believe, the land of a normal functioning economy.

Freefallin is right - they are small houses. I would go so far as to call them poky. There seems to be a certain cachet attached to living in the Holywell estate so I could see this making up to €500,00 in the current market - mad I know!

Current offer of €530,000 I believe.

Looks like a terrace or end terrace to me - on the train tracks with a “concrete” garden - 1/2 mill +… what do I know?

Tram or train noise is trivial compared to the constant hum of living beside a busy road (I’ve done both).

The luas also stops for five hours a night, which coincides with the time most of us are trying to sleep. I wouldn’t let this put you off.

For what it’s worth I know a few people backing on to the LUAS in Holywell and they have never had a problem with it.

I wouldn’t be worried if I was you.

€4,500 per m2 in Kilmacud seems great on paper. You are kidding, right? This is a joke that you are making, hahhahahaha, very funny?

Sale Agreed

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2756817

Does anyone know what it sold for?

Sold for 540k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-117492/

Very ordinary house imo, extraordinary price. The Luas noise wouldn’t bother me however.

propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-220619/

34A is stated as having sold for 1m in Sept 2016?! Most of these houses seem to sell for ~500k. What happened here?

That’s a large detatched house on a decent sized plot,not the usual 3 or 4 bed semi-d that usually sells in Holywell.

There’s a 3 bed up at the moment for example asking around 500k .