142 Mount Prospect Avenue, Clontarf (-180k, -18.367%)

Was €980,000 when first listed on 26th June


Dropped to €800,000 today


still a huge asking price - no internal pics so probably needs a lot of work. good location but reckon 500 a bit more realistic in current market for a place like this which needs to be revamped
anybody seen it?

nice area but still seems very overpriced at 800k. no pics of interior so must be in poor condition. reckon around 500k closer to the mark.
anyone viewed this place?

I bid 550k on the last house for Sale on Mount Prospect Avenue, which was a decent bid. They wouldn’t take it and held out for a higher bid. One’s I heard of (3 months later) were 565k then 590k cash (If you’re to believe that, particularly the 2nd one).

500k would be about fare IMO.

Savills are absolute nutters with there pricing in Clontarf. They are pitching this one as having potential to build 2nd house to side. That would mean you’d need to knock the side extension and build 2nd house tight against it. Basic sums clearly show that the numbers don’t work. Also EA’s seem to think that people will still pay for the potential of. i.e. the seller should make the full profit on future use. In this market, seller should make 0 for potential. Potential should just help the property to sell. Don’t think anyone would bother building 2nd house in this market. Also sides onto St. Anne’s park which can have anti-social problems from time to time.

+1 robd - Savilles are nutters with their pricing, and if the site/renovation has so much potential then develop it yourself and see how much it’s worth… thought not!

I’d say there are plenty out there who would pay 500K to 600K (and more) for a done up house on this road, but the (recent) rate of drop in Clontarf has caught me off gaurd. I’d say a good sized house in Clontarf below 500 K is not inconceivable at this stage. Personally I find it hard to justify and afford the 20 to 40 % premium for Clontarf V Raheny. Raheny walk to Dart, Clontarf address and SUVs (joke).

Anyway sub 500 K is a long way off these asking prices, would be interesting to find out how much 3bed/4bed semi D houses are actually selling for on Vernon, Stiles Road, Mount Prospect Ave.

To contradict my not inconeivable idea, the fact I think that there are plenty out there for the small amount of houses that come up in Clontarf. The sub 500K (for a good one with nice plot) is not a runner. There are plenty in the health, legal, finance + upgraders. That will pay for that in Clontarf.

But this has been an extraodinary period of eat my words. I’ll just sit back and see what happens.

OK, but Clontarf is huge. There are lots of houses there (admittedly, not all roads are created equal). Also, the health, legal, finance brigade with cash and brains are awaiting 500k in Howth, in my opinion. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that it’s a semi-D of uninspiring appearance, miles from the DART. I’m sure there are a few bozos willing to fling 650-ish at these things, but not nearly enough.

I think it’s hilarious the way those who ridicule the 6-700K vendors end up in a lot of cases as prospective 2-400k buyers. Clontarf and Howth is like comparing apples and oranges, I live in one and grew up in the other - both are fantastic spots but relative advantages are mutually exclusive.

As I said lots of them out there in the 600 K + range.

Howth very nice, but too far out. Traffic a nightmare.
Clontarf, unreal location for town. No Dart for most of it. no good pubs (well maybe Harry Byrnes) .
Raheny Cheap underrated, nice village, good pubs. Great Park. Dart.

All have good access to sea , but every langer in North Dublin turns up when the sun shines

I Guess if pubs is part of your equation , you are not in the 6-700k range.

Did a bit of research on the dark side.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-4/219185

How can Clontarf hold up against this ?

surreal…what do you think they would be asking for that house if it were in clontarf? Just for comparisons sake? :mrgreen:

Now down to €780000


For the record, that link is for 146 Stillorgan Road,
price drop thread here
Now asking €695k.
So it’s official. D3 is the new D4.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1402437

Now down to €645 with a new agent, Gallagher Quigley.

In general, this guy is more competitive with his pricing, but this is still way over the odds IMO. That’s the problem when you start which such a ludricous price in the first place I guess.

Now Sale Agreed with Gallagher Quigley when I passed it yesterday.

Anyone any ideas on the ballpark sale agreed figure ?

I believe (from a reliable source) it was around 630,000

Sold 04 Nov 2011