148 The Stiles Road, Clontarf -55K(7.5)

This was listed on myhome for 740K. Bottom right of this myhome cache shows total amount due as 783050. Minus the stamp duty of 43050 gives the original of 740K. … =firefox-a
Now 685K.

working link for 685k:
myhome.ie/residential/search … HKVV394333

myhome.ie/residential/search … CFCB404633

Now 460K.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1702948

Wasn’t this place and the adjoining one both for sale about a year ago. Both offered as one lot presumably for development. They probably hoped to put apartments in there. I am open to correction here.

I can’t confirm this Monkeywrench but it makes sense. Went to see this when it was at €495. It needs insulation, heating and wiring redone, kitchen reconfigured and more. The most disappointing aspect is the garden, although it is quite wide it is not very deep, it is also east facing so limited amount of sun. The adjoining house seems to be in similar order. The EA is currently saying there is an offer of €380k on it.

Walked past this a while ago, I don’t like how it’s a more modern build than the other houses on that road which have a nice red brick facade.

Saw it myself. Garden was a little small though I’m not a fan of gardening so wasn’t the major put off. Proximity to SPAR with kids hanging around was, as was the volume of traffic that rat runs down the road.

On the positives the upstairs was a nice size.

€380k is a good offer IMO. Guess they’re holding out for €400k. My general view is that I’ll get something this size on a much better site in 12 months time.

Gone sale agreed, myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1702948

I saw this place recently

It is back on the market after the sale fell through. EA said the previous agreed sale price was at €407,000, asking price is currently at €420,000

When I viewed a maintenance man had just chopped the lovely bushes in the garden to half the size. Exposing all the neighbours walls, he said they would grow back, I’m sure they will, but the look of astonishment on EA’s face when she saw for the first time what we were seeing was funny.

The house itself needs massive overhaul, nice location, but you would need cash to do this up to any sort of a decent standard.

I wonder if the house next door is sold in the near future will it be extended and further cut off off the light from the south aspect.
Someone I know who looked at it told me the EA says there is an offer of 360k

Sold for 415k on 12/09/2012
propertypriceregister.ie/Website … enDocument