14th Nov, 2 from the UK

Two articles from the The Guardian/The Observer, 14th November 2010



And Fintan O’Toole



Blue Horseshoe

Yes indeed , Ireland over the last 20 years stemmed the flow of emigration and even invited the world to join the party. When aboard , they were subjected to financial rape on a daily basis and lured into unsustainable debt. Now the victims are boarding the plane while the bankers are protected by the FF hacks in gov. and NAMA protects their Developer friends , all sipping champers in Steven’s Green :imp:

Why would anyone want to stay in this country where your future children will end up like street urchins in a Dickens novel.

Get out now before it’s too late !

They came
they built
they left

Fintan O’Toole and his trade union friends are part of the problem.