14th of June 2006. When an idea became a reality.


Ten years ago today a simple idea became a reality and thus thepropertypin.com was born.


Happy Birthday!!


An OW post I can fully understand. Happy birthday! :smiley:


Happy Birthday Pin.

OW, you changed the world (well our bit of it anyway) :slight_smile:


And saved loads of people from them selves and undoubtably saved many (including myself) a lot of money.

Thanks and Happy Birthday 8DD


Happy Birthday and here’s to the next 10!


Happy Birthday - traditionally 10th anniversary gift is tin/aluminium :mrgreen:


Happy 10th!!

Well done to OW, all the contributors and mods during the decade.

There’s been some very interesting and enlightening discussions, links and views expressed during the years.

Here’s to many more.


Blue Horseshoe


Well done to all for keeping sanity and reasonable balance for so long under the pressure cooker of stresses and strains in the last ten years.

But so many of the same arguements made ten years ago are as relevant today, and I ask myself how much has really changed here despite the pages and pages of debate, evidence and advice on this site. You can always do a lot worse with your day or week than spend an hour catching up on the pin.


Well done OW. 8DD

You broke the monopoly of EAs and their Irish “bubble media” mouth pieces - Irish Times & Irish Independent.
(I don’t know why anybody reads them anymore regarding anything to do with property).

And showed that you (hardly, hopefully ?) had to spend a penny doing it
(so broken are their businesses).

I only wish that NamaWineLake had had your staying power as well :frowning:



Can’t believe its 10 years already, educated myself on the crash through this site


Congratulations, well done and thanks!


My only regret is that I learnt of the Pin when I did - I wish it had been earlier.

Well done to all involved…


Happy Birthday 8DD

A little nostalgia anyone?

Some stories from 14 June 2006

It was the day after Haughey died. Is the pin Haughey reincarnated? :open_mouth:

nytimes.com/2006/06/14/world … opics&_r=0

irishtimes.com/business/comm … -1.1016690

independent.ie/regionals/dro … 99842.html


Happy bday and many more years to come


It’s fun to look back at the early threads… Here’s one for the scrap book: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=48


The Pin was started on Donald Trump’s 60th birthday! :nin


And my nieces -4 birthday.



Small and isolated coral atoll populated by contrarian dissidents in an ever rising ocean of vested interests, wishful thinking and accepted wisdom.


That was very, um… poetic… 8)

Has your account been hacked? :nin :wink: