15 Aberdeen Street,(right beside Infirmary Rd, Phoenix Park)

Any idea what this might go for, nice area, what would be a good first offer, have been a reader of posts up to now, interested to see what people here think , any info appreciated… :wink:

property.ie/property-for-sal … -7/427110/

Right next to O’Devaney Gardens = nice area? WRONG. Don’t touch it.

It is physically close to O’Devaney Gardens but there isn’t a route through from there to Findlater St. You don’t get scumbag through traffic in that little cluster of streets (or any through traffic - there is nowhere to go) and they actually are nice. I like those houses.

I concur. Plus, I understand that if you were to put a roof over that end of the NCR, with all the B&Bs/temp accommodation, you’d have the biggest psychiatric hospital in the country…

I know what you mean, but in fairness to the area, its the side of NCR road towards Hanlons Corner\Blackhall Place that is the real problem…Plus the new courts are there, I can see the area slowly getting a bit better in years to come…Thanks for the comment :wink:

That area has always been dodgey, I can’t see that the presence of the criminal courts will increase its cachet. In recession? I don’t think so. if you have that kind of money to spend, it’d be better spent elsewhere.

This is better value surely, €20 grand doing it up would go a long way and its a much nice area, closer to town and shops and still only a short walk to the Park.


There are many houses for sale in Stoneybatter in the price range, and some better value than the above.

Take this one, for example

Mount temple road is much nicer than Harold Road. This house has been reduced to 240K from 300 K about 3 months ago, so a bit of hard negotiating should get it for around the 200 K mark. Needs no work, as far as I can see, though the back yard is, well…there’s no space in it.